Sunday, 14 July 2019

Playlist 7th July 2019

Lowest of the Low - Bottle Rockets (Agitpop)

Abramowicz - Mountains (The Modern Times)

Martha - Heart is healing (Love keeps kicking)

Seazoo - Dig (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

The Spook School - Gone Home (Continental Drift)

Jetstream Pony - Self-destruct Reality

Thud - Ado (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Withered Hand - Heart Heart (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Owls of Now - Lead Singer (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

She's got spies - Bachgen Drwg (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Foundlings - Horizon (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Olden Yolk - Grand Palais (Living Theatre)

Fresh - Willa (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Peaness - Skin Surfing (Are you sure?)

The Beths - River Run Lvl.1 (Future me hates me)

Les Big Byrd - Eon (Iran Iraq Ikea)

Hand Habits - Pacify (Placeholder)

Weyes Blood - Something to believe (Titanic Rising)

Julien Baker - Red Door (Red Door/Conversation Piece 7'')

Bill Callahan - The Ballad of the Hulk (Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest)

Palehound - Worthy (Black Friday)

Mal Blum - Better than I was (You look a lot like me)

Illuminati Hotties - Paying of the happiness (Kiss yr. frenemies)

Playlist 30th June 2019

John Maus - Outer Space (Addendum)

Advance Base - Summon Satan (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

LIPS - Apartement (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Songs for Walter - Alien (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Common or Garden - Bought (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Randolph's Leap - Real Anymore (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

The Catenary Wires - Dream Town (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Porridge Radio - Eugh (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Strawberry Generation - Coffee (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Mammoth Penguins - Closure (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Holy Now - All the Time (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Cheerbleederz - Staying up Late (Indietracks Compilation 2019)

Big Joanie - Way Out (Sistahs)

Sacred Paws - Brush your hair (Run to the sun)

The Gotobeds - Poor people are revolting (Debt begins at 30)

Swimming Tapes - Silhouette (Morningside)

The Stroppies - First Time Favourites (Whoosh)

Lowest of the Low - Bonnie and Clyde (Agitpop)

Peaness - I'm not your problem (Are you sure?)

Tunng - Heatwave (This is Tunng Magic Bites and other Cuts)

Ava Luna - Crown (Electric Balloon)

Pronoun - The Pieces of you (I'll show you stronger)

Palehound - Aaron (Black Friday)

Woahnows - Skin Peels (Young and Cool)

Autumn Sweater - Stay at home (Second Session)

Playlist 23rd June 2019

Júniús Meyvant - Punch through the Night (Across the borders)

Fruit Bats - Ocean (Gold Past Life)

Better Oblivion Community Center - Chesapeake (Better Oblivion Community Center)

Loch Lomond - Elephants & Little Girls (Little me will start a storm)

Bill Callahan - Lonesome Valley (Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest)

Giant Sand - Curse of a Thousand Flames (Return to the Valley of Rain)

Great Lake Swimmers - The Talking Wind (The Waves, The Wake)

Sufjan Stevens - Love Yourself (Love Yourself/With my whole heart 7'')

Steve Marino - Green and Blue (Fluff)

Pernille Rosendahl - Like a feather (The Hurt)

The Gotobeds - Dross (Debt begins at 30)

Ruby Fields - Dinosaurs (Permanent Hermit)

Squiggles - Everything I did is just like everything I've done (The Recruitement Drive EP)

Peaness - Same Place (Are you sure?)

An Horse - Bob Ross (Be the Water) (Modern Air)

Morabeza Tobacco - Kiss of Death (Morabeza Tobacco)

Ava Luna - Weight of your Life (Pigments)

Autumn Sweater - Neon (First Session)

Sacred Paws - Shame on me (Run to the sun)

Swimming Tapes - It gets old (Morningside)

Planes on Paper - All that's flesh is grass (Edge Markings)

Tocotronic - Electric Guitar (Die Unendlichkeit)

Playlist 16th June 2019

Ava Luna - Centerline (Moon 2)

Frankie Cosmos - Jesse (Vessel)

Cat Clyde - Reach it (Hunters Trance)

Hold your horses - Call from the Hill (Datsusara)

Fruit Bats - Drawn Away (Gold Past Life)

Cass McCombs - Tying up loose ends (Tip of the Sphere)

Bill Callahan - Son of the Sea (Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest)

Kishi Bashi - Angeline (Omoiyari)

Tiny Ruins - Holograms (Olympic Girls)

Steve Marino - Under the Table (Fluff)

Mac Demarco - On the Square (Here comes the cowboy)

Sloan Peterson - Don't get me started (Midnight Love, Vol.2)

Papercuts - Laughing Man (Parallel Universe Blues)

Winnetka Bowling League - Sixteen (Cloudy with a chance of sun)

Swimming Tapes - Mirador (Morningside)

An Horse - Get out somehow (Modern Air)

Middle Kids - Real Thing (New Songs for Old Problems)

No Suits in Miami - Kollektivtrafik (I hope that no one sees me)

Pronoun - You didn't even make the bed (I'll show you stronger)

Planes on Paper - Hermit Song (Edge Markings)

Pi Ja Ma - Ponytail (Nice to meet U)

Indoor Pets - Heavy Thoughts (Be Content)

Squiggles - We've got everything you need (The Recruitement Drive EP)

Sacred Paws - Brush your hair (Run to the Sun)

Peaness - Summer Song (Are you sure?)

Playlist 09th june 2019

Mono - Meet us where the night ends (Nowhere Now Here)

The Proper Ornaments Please Release Me (Six Lenins)

Steve Marino - On the Line (Fluff)

Sloan Peterson - Very like you (Midnight Love, Vol.2)

No Suits in Miami - Would you remember someone you care about (I hope that no one sees me)

Winnetka Bowling League - Slow Dances (Cloudy with a chance of Sun)

The Gotobeds - Twin Cities (Debt begins at 30)

The Divine Comedy - After the Lord Mayor's Show (Office Politics)

Kishi Bashi - Marigolds (Omoiyari)

Mac Demarco - Skyless Moon (Here comes the cowboy)

Julia Holter - In Gardens' Muteness (Aviary)

Les Big Byrd - Pink Freud (Iran Iraq Ikea)

Tropical Fuck Storm - You let my tyres down (A laughing death in Meat Space)

Squiggles - We've got everything you need (The Recruitement Drive EP)

Dillon - Wicked Games (When breathing feels like drowning)

Bill Callahan - The Ballad of the Hulk (Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest)

Cass McCombs - Tying up loose ends (Tip of the Sphere)

Cat Power - Robbin Hood (Wanderer)

The Ballet - Messing Around (Matchy Matchy)

Middle Kids - Call me Snowflake (New Songs for old Problems)

Sacred Paws - The Conversation (Run around the sun)

Playlist 02nd June 2019

Abramowicz - Death on the Streets (The Modern Times)

Metric - Seven Rules (Art of Doubt)

An Horse - Bob Ross (Be the water) (Modern Air)

Rozi Plain - Quiz (What a boost)

Olden Yolk - Cotton & Cane (Living Theatre)

Middle Kids - Salt Eyes (New Songs for old Problems)

The Essex Green - Bristol Sky (Hardly Electronic)

Le SuperHomard - Springtime (Meadow Lane Park)

Julia Holter - Les Jeux to you (Aviary)

Les Big Byrd - I've fucked myself from your world (Iran Iraq Ikea)

Peter Kernel - The Shape of your face in Space (The Size of the Night)

Attic Lights - Never by myself (Love in the time of shark attacks)

Woahnows - World explodes (Young & Cool)

Martha - Mini was a preteen arsonist (Love keeps kicking)

Squiggles - I need you more than you need me (The Recruitement Drive EP)

The Wannadies - Love in June (Be a girl)

Rocky Erickson with Okkervil River - Think of as one (True love cast out all evil)

Bill Callahan - Black Dog on the Beach (Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest)

Aldous Harding - Heaven is empty (Designer)

Fenne Lily - For a while (Live at Festival No. 6)

Cat Power - Horizon (Wanderer)

Jakuzi - Süphe (Hata Payi)

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Playlist 26th May 2019

Weakened Friends - Blue again (Common Blah)

The Stroppies - First Time Favourites (Whoosh)

The Goon Sax - Now you pretend (We're not talking)

The Goon Sax - Get Out (We're not talking)

Spiral Stairs - Swampland (Hyp-no-tized)

The Essex Green - in the key of me (Hardly Electronic)

Middle Kids - Needle (New Songs for Old Problems)

Olden Yolk - Castor & Pollux (Living Theatre)

The Proper Ornaments - Old Street Station (Six Lenins)

The Mountain Goats - Waylon Jennings Live! (In league with dragons)

Lucy Dacus - Nonbeliever (Historian)

Soccer Mommy - Last Girl (Clean)

Julia Jacklin - Head Alone (Crushing)

Annika Norlin - Election Day (Correspondence)

Jeff Tweedy - Evergreen (Warmer)

James Yorkston - My mouth ain't no bible (The Route to Harmonium)

Laura Stevenson - Low Slow (The Big Freeze)

Elva - Ghost Writer (Winter Sun)

Squiggles - Everything I did is just like everything I've done (The Recruitement Drive EP)

Martha - Into this (Love keeps kicking)

Pottery - Smooth Operator (No.1)

Mal Blum - Archive (You look a lot like me)

Screaming Females - My Body (All at once)

The Spook School - Best of Intentions (Could it be diferent?)

The Get Up Kids - Satellite (Problems)

Sebadoh - Raging River (Act Surprised)