Sunday, 4 February 2018

Playlist 14th January 2018

Die Heiterkeit - Alle Menschen (Herz aus Gold)

Virginia Jetzt - Fast wie Giganten (Wer hat Angst vor Virginia Jetzt)

Kante - Life on the Electric Avenue (Zweilicht)

Tocotronic - Ich möchte Teil einer Jugendbewegung sein (Digital ist besser)

Drugstore - White Magic for Lovers (White Magic for Lovers)

Sportsguitar - Happy already (Happy Already)

Grandaddy - I don't wanna live here anymore (Last Place)

Musée Mécanique - Under Glass (Hold this ghost)

Waxahatchee - Silver (Out in the Storm)

Art of Fighting - Give me tonight (Wires)

Sharon van Etten - All I can (Tramp)

Broken Family Band - The Booze and the Drugs (Balls)

Pedro the Lion - Slow and Steady wins the race (Winners never quit)

The Go! Team - Ladyflash (Thunder! Lightning! Strike!)

Martha - Curly and Raquel (Blisters in the Pit of my Heart)

Luby Sparks - Pop. 1979 (Indietracks Compilation 2017)

Fanfarlo - Luna (Reservoir)

The Pains of being Pure at Heart - This love is fucking right (The Pains of being Pure at Heart)

The Lucksmiths - Music to hold hands to (Why that doesn't surprise me)

Allo Darlin' - The Letter (Europe)

The Gift - Music (FM)

Playlist 7th January 2018

Finnmark! - Brännö (We're not köping)

Tullycraft - Superboy & Supergirl (The Singles)

Alvvays - Hey (Antisocialites)

Makthaverskan - Eden (III)

Versus You - Loudmouth (Birthday Boy)

Male Bonding - What's wrong (Headache)

Diet Cig - Barf Day (Swear I'm good at this)

íAy Carmela! - Don't congratulate me (for my mediocrity) (Working Weekends)

The Pains of being Pure at Heart - The cure for death (The Echo of Pleasure)

My Sad Captains - Everything at the end of everything (Sun Bridge)

Fanfarlo - The Beginning and the End (Let's go extinct)

Ramona Falls - Which side are you on (Coils)

Teen Daze - An Alpine Forest (Themes for a new Earth)

Nordic Giants - Taxonomy of Illusions (Amplify Human Vibration)

Lockerbie - Poka (Kafari)

Do Say Make Think - As far as the eye can see (Stubborn Persistent Illusions)

Jad Fair, Tenniscoats and Norman Blake - Don't leave me alone (Raindrops)

Aimee Mann - Patient Zero (Mental Illness)

Aldous Harding - No Peace at all (Aldous Harding)

Palehound - At Night I'm alright with you (A Place I'll always go)

Belle & Sebastian - The Girl doesn't get it (How to solve human problems Part 1)

Lacrosse - You can't say no forever (This new year will be for you and me)

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Playlist 17th December 2017

Diet Cig - Sixteen (Swear I'm good at this)

Crywank - Love (Don't piss on me, I'm already dead)

Makthaverskan - Witness (III)

Metz - Lost in the Blanck City (Strange Peace)

Shame - Tasteless (Tasteless Single)

Martha - Christine (Blisters in the Pit of my Heart)

Flemmings - Get away from me now (Shake well before use)

Versus You - Rained In (Birthday Boy)

Alvvays - Lollipop (Ode to Jim) (Antisocialites)

The Pains of being Pure at Heart - Anymore (The Echo of Pleasure)

Savage Mansion - Do you say hello to your neighbour (Do you say hello to your neighbour 7'')

Kid Canaveral - Lifelong Crisis of Confidence (Faulty Inner Dialogue)

Palehound - If you met her (A place I'll always go)

Angel Olsen - Sans (Phases)

Phoebe Bridgers - Motion Sickness (Stranger in the Alps)

Teleman - Rivers in the Dark (Fünf)

Faith Healer - Sterling Silver (Try! ;-))

Julien Baker - Distant Solar Systems (Funeral Pyre)

Waxahatchee - A little more (Out in the Storm)

Low - The Innocents (Ones and Sixes)

Next Step: Horizon - Up in the air (We know exactly where we are going)

Los Campesinos! - When Christmas comes (A Los Campesinos! Christmas)

Otto A. Totland - Neon Dawn (The Lost)

Sunturns - Electric Christmas (Christmas I)

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Playlist 10th December 2017

Lacrosse - This new year will be for you and me (This new year will be for you and me)

Sunturns - Season Cyclics (Christmas I)

Boy Omega - True Haven (Hope on the Horizon)

Minor Majority - I'm OK (Candy Store)

St. Thomas - There's only one of me (You may find a treasure everywhere)

Daniel Johnston - Don't let the sun go down on your grievience (The Great Late Daniel Johnston Discovered Covered)

The Go Betweens - Streets of your town (16 Lovers Lane)

Holly Throsby - On the Wharf (A Loud Call)

Owl & Mouse - Basic Economics (Departures)

Nat Johnson and the Figureheads - Agnes (Roman Radio)

Rozi Plain - Jogalong (Friend)

Robert Forster - A Poet Walks (Songs to play)

The Just Joans - O' Caledonia (You might be smiling now...)

Raftside - Empty Bottles (The Desperate Life of Johnny Sunshine)

Fanfarlo - Myth to Myself (A ruse to exploit our weakness (Let's go extinct)

Alvvays - Saved by a Waif (Antisocialites)

Finnmark! - Through a glass darkly (We're not köping)

Makthaverskan - Front (III)

Loney Dear - Dark Light (Loney Dear)

This is the Kit - Silver John (Bashed Out)

Metz - Dig a Hole (Strange Peace)

Playlist 3rd December 2017

Unbelievable Truth - Angel (Almost Here)

Slowblow - Phantom of my Organ (Slowblow)

Boy Omega - The Good Times (Hope on the Horizon)

Holmes - 46 (Have I told you lately that I loathe you)

EF - He came, he stayed, he fell (Give me beauty... or give me death)

Olafur Arnalds - 00:48 (Eulogy for Evolution)

Cold Mailman - Time is of the essence (Relax; the mountain will come to you)

Great Lake Swimmers - Let's trade Skins (Bodies and Minds)

Anywhen - All that numbs you (The Opiates)

Monzano - Know your velocity (By this time last year everything will seem younger)

Egil Olsen - You an I (and the dog) (I'm a singer - songwriter)

Pär Hagström & Cirkus Transmopol - How it's gonna end (December Rose)

Lacrosse - Sunshiner (This new year will be for you and me)

Makthaverskan - Days turn into years (III)

Diet Cig - Maids of the Mist (Swear I'm good at this)

Peaness - Seafoam Islands (Are you sure?)

Einar Stray Orchestra - 20.000 Nights (Dear Bigotry)

The Just Joans - You make me physically sick (Let's start having children) (You might be smiling now...)

Prince Innocence - Girls (Lapse)

Elva - Dreaming with our feet (Tailwind 7'')

Friday, 15 December 2017

Playlist 26t November 2017

Holmes - Dead Soul of a City Boy (So far, So So)

Jeniferever - Winter Nights (Choose a bright morning)

EF - Longing for colors (Mourning Golden Morning)

Munck//Johnson - Here comes you (Unlike you)

Audrey - Hymn (Audrey EP)

Minor Majority - Candy Store (Candy Store)

Winter took his life - Boston (You know what it's like to be alone and shut down)

Chasing Dorotea - The Anchor Song (Chasing Dorotea)

Slowblow - Hamburger Cemetary (Slowblow)

Ai Phoenix - Elvis (Lean that way forever)

Anywhen - Toy (The Opiates)

The Tiny - Kind of like you (Starring; Someone like you)

Pär Hagström & Circus Transmopol - David & Carmenzita (December Rose)

St. Thomas - Take a dance with me (You may find a treasure everywhere)

Julien Baker - Everything to help you sleep (Turn out the lights)

Lacrosse - Sunshiner (This new year will be for you and me)

Playlist 19th November 2017

Kettcar - Strassen unseres Viertels (Ich vs. Wir)

Anywhen - Sinah and the beautiful Blue (The Opiates)

William Patrick Corgan - The Spaniards (Ogilala)

Father John Misty - Two Wildly Different Perspectives (Pure Comedy)

My Sad Captains - New Sun (Sun Bridge)

Aldous Harding - Two Bitten Hearts (Aldous Harding)

Mammoth Penguins & Friends - The Line Manager (John Doe)

House of Wolves - Martians (Daughter by the Sea)

Girls in Hawaii - Up on the Hill (Nocturne)

Waxahatchee - Hear You (Out in the Storm)

Angel Olsen - Those were the days (My Woman)

Tops - Seconds Erase (Sugar at the Gate)

Julien Baker - Happy to be here (Turn out the lights)

Dan Croll - Away from today (Emerging Adulthood)

Martha - The Awkward Ones (Blisters in the Pit of my Heart)

Diet Cig - Tummy Ache (Swear I'm good at this)

The Spook School - I want to kiss you (Try to be hopeful)

Shout Out Louds - Jumbo Jet (Ease my mind)

Alvvays - Saved by a waif (Antisocialites)

Makthaverskan - To say it as it is (III)

Bedroom Eyes - Throndheim (Greetings from Northern Sweden)