Saturday, 21 September 2019

Playlist 15th September 2019

Saloon - Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse) (Everything is ending here - A Tribute to Pavement)

Spearmint - This is a souvenir (Everything is ending here - A Tribute to Pavement)

Appendix Out - Frontwards (Everything is ending here - A Tribute to Pavement)

Black Midi - Years Ago (Schlagenheim)

Attic Lights - Palace of Loss (Love in the time of shark attacks)

Mal Blum - Did you get what you wanted (Pity Boy)

Hold your horses! - Cities of our dreams (Datsusara)

Death and Vanilla - Let's never leave here (Are you a dreamer)

No suits in Miami - Plain Sight (I hope that no one sees me)

Planes on Paper - Wolves (Edge Markings)

The Essex Green - Bye Bye Crow (Hardly Electronic)

Middle Kids - Real Thing (New Songs for old Problems)

An Horse - Ship of Fools (Modern Air)

Pertubazione - We dance (Everything is ending here - A Tribute to Pavement)

Fuck - Heaven is a truck (Everything is ending here - A Tribute to Pavement)

Pernille Rosendahl - Dreams (The Hurt)

Stereo Total - Ich bin cool (Ah! Quel cinéma!)

The Ballet - First Time in a Gay Bar (Matchy Matchy)

Fruit Bats - Barely Living Room (Gold Past Life)

Olympia - Star City (Flamingo)

Laura Stevenson - Living Room, NY (The Big Freeze)

Júniús Meyvant - Under Violent Snow (Rearview Paradise EP)

Happy Spendy - Flex (You look lovely EP)

Romeo Taylor - The Kingdom of Scotland (The Kingdom of Scotland Single)

Friday, 20 September 2019

Playlist 8th September 2019

Abramowicz - Rolling up my sleves (The Modern Times)

Active Bird Community - Sweaty Lake (Amends)

Lowest of the Low - Permanent Revolution (Agitpop)

The Bevis Frond - Pheromones (We're your friends, man)

The Spook School - Keep in Touch (Could it be different?)

Martha - Orange Juice (Love keeps kicking)

The Beths - Happy Unhappy (Future me hates me)

American Football - Uncomfortably numb (American Football)

Butcher the Bar - Haunts (III)

Exit North - Bested Bones (Book of Romance and Dust)

The Schramms - Hearts and Diamonds (Omnidirectional)

Lina Tullgren - Golden Babyland (Free Cell)

Frankie Cosmos - Cosmic Shop (Close it quietly)

Jeff Tweedy - Empty Head (Warmer)

Hand Habits - What's the use (Placeholder)

Tindersticks - Here (Everything is ending here - A Tribute to Pavement)

Whitney - Used to be lonely (Forever turned around)

Kishi Bashi - Annie, Heart Thief of the Sea (Omoiyari)

Jenny Lewis - Heads gonna roll (On the Line)

Repulsive Woman - When I get good (Relief)

Lily Talmers - Dying Man (Temple Down)

Steve Marino - Open Door (Fluff)

Julie's Haircut - Summer Babe (Everything is ending here - A Tribute to Pavement)

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Playlist 25th August 2019

Kettcar - Scheine in den Graben (Der süsse Duft der Widersprüchlichkeit)

Les Big Byrd - Gerausche (Iran Iraq Ikea)

My Sad Captains - Wintersweet (Sun Bridge)

Black Midi - Ducter (Schlagenheim)

Friendship - Moment of Discovery (Shock out of Season)

Frankie Cosmos - Being Alive (Vessel)

Lina Tullgren - Bad at Parties (Free Cell)

Noah Gundersen - Out of Time (Lover)

Musée Mécanique - The Propellors (Hold this ghost)

We show up on Radar - Giant Dinosaur vs. Sea Monster (Zantibar Whip Coral)

The Just Joans - What do we do now (Buckfast Bottles in the Rain)

Steve Marino - Six Two Four (Fluff)

Mac Demarco - All of our yesterdays (Here comes the cowboy)

The Catenary Wires - Dark Brown Eyes (Til the morning)

Sloan Peterson - Midnight Love (Midnight Love, vol.2)

Lily talmers - Your flowers, dear (Temple Down)

Június Meyvant - Cherries Underground (Rearview Paradise)

Allo Darlin' - Silver Dollar (Allo Darlin')

The Schramms - New England (Omnidirectional)

Foxwarren - Fall into a dream (Foxwarren)

Playlist 18th August 2019

Julia Jacklin - You were right (Crushing)

Foxwarren - Everything Apart (Foxwarren)

Bodega - Name Escape (Endless Scroll)

MadMadMad - Proper Music (Proper Music)

Les Big Byrd - A little more numb (Iran Iraq Ikea)

Namdose - You can dance (Namdose)

Mal Blum - Well, Fuck (Pity Boy)

Strawberry Generation - Coffee (Losing our way)

Porridge Radio - Sorry (Rice, Pasta and other Fillers)

Of Monsters and Men - Waiting for the Snow (Fever Dream)

Mammoth Penguins - You just carry on (There's no fight we both can win)

When Nalda became Punk - Satellites (A Farewell to Youth)

The Pains of being Pure at Heart - When I dance with you (The Echo of Pleasure)

The Murder Capital - Green & Blue (When I have Tears)

Trash Kit - Disco (Horizon)

The Goon Sax - She Knows (We're not talking)

Los Campesinos! - Glue Me (No Blues)

Versus You - In between (Worn and Loved)

The Beths - Little Death (Future me hates me)

The Just Joans - No longer young enough (You might be smiling now...)

Playlist 11th August 2019

Purple Mountains - All my happyness is gone (Purple Mountains)

Bill Callahan - The Beast (Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest)

Bill Ryder-Jones - There are worse things I could do (Yawn)

Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert - Party On (Here lies the Body)

Cass McCombs - Prayer for another day (Tip of the Sphere)

Deerhunter - What happens to people? (Why hasn't everything already disappeared?)

Pedro the Lion - Quietest Friend (Phoenix)

Silver Jews - Random Rules (American Water)

Grandaddy - I don't wanna live here anymore (Last Place)

Fruit Bats - Dream would breathe (Gold Past Life)

James Yorkston - Yorkston Athletic (The Route to the Harmonium)

Jeff Tweedy - Evergreen (Warmer)

Kevin Morby - I want to be clean (Oh my God)
Silver Jews - Honk if you're lonely (American Water)

Great Lake Swimmers - Holding Nothing Back (The Waves, The Water)

William Shatner - Common People (Has been)

Bodega - Charlie (Endless Scroll)

The Beths - Less than thou (Future me hates me)

Camera Obscura - Teenager (Teenager EP)

Repulsive Woman - Ulysses (Relief)

Hand Habits - Are you serious? (Placeholder)

Advance Base - Same Dream (Animal Companionship)

Purple Mountains - Darkness and Cold (Purple Mountains)

Monday, 2 September 2019

Playlist 04th August 2019

Advance Base - True Love Death Crime (Animal Companionship)

Molly Burch - To the boys (First Flower)

The Catenary Wires - Sixteen Again (Til the morning)

The BV's - Always (Speaking from a distance)

Tracyanne & Danny - Deep in the Night (Tracyanne & Danny)

Julien Baker - Happy to be here (Turn out the lights)

Friendship - Skip to the good part (Shock out of Season)

The Tragically Hip - Ahead by a century (Trouble at the henhouse)

Darren Hayman - Hard Disk in the Sky (Twelve Astronauts)

Palehound - Worthy (Black Friday)

Randolph's Leap - Under the sun (Cowardly Deeds)

Great Lake Swimmers - Falling Apart (The Waves, The Wake)

Hand Habits - Jessica (Placeholder)

Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures - Gin in me (Tequila)

Foxwarren - Fall into a dream (Foxwarren)

Julia Jacklin - Turn me down (Crushing)

Trash Kit - Every Second (Horizon)

Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland, 1945 (In the aeroplane over the sea)

Mal Blum - Black Coffee (Pity Boy)

The Beths - Future me hates me (Future me hates me)

Mermonte - Les forces de l'ailleurs (Mouvement)

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Playlist 28th July 2019

Penelope Isles - Cut your hair (Until the tide creeps in)

Florist - Rain Song (Emily Alone)

Tiny Ruins - School of Design (Olympic Girls)

Fenne Lily - Brother (Live at Festival No.6)

Palehound - Killer (Black Friday)

Bill Callahan - Tugboats And Tumbleweeds (Shepherd in a Sheeepskin Vest)

Cass McCombs - Real Life (Tip of the Sphere)

Steve Marino - Dehilya (Fluff)

The Proper Ornaments - Old Street Station (Six Lenins)

Aldous Harding - Heaven is empty (Designer)

Weyes Blood - Something to believe (Titanic Rising)

Hand Habits - The Book on how to change Part II (Placeholder)

Julien Baker - Conversation Piece (Red Door/Conversation Piece 7'')

Fruit Bats - Dream would breathe (Gold Past Life)

Pronoun - For the story (I'll show you stronger)

Julia Jacklin - Convention (Crushing)

Palace - Face in the crowd (Life After)

Mitski - Come into the water (Be the Cowboy)

Stanley Brinks and the Wave Pictures - Four Times we kissed (Tequila Island)

Mal Blum - Things still left to say (Pity Boy)

Sloan Peterson - New Direction (Midnight Love, Vol.2)

Rozi Plain - Dark Park (What a boost)

The Ballet - But I'm a top (Matchy Matchy)

Advance Base - Summon Satan (Indietracks Compilation 2019)